VVD makes ‘zelfstandigenregeling’ more accessible to startups

Secretary Dijkhoff (VVD) wants to modify the ‘zelfstandigenregeling’ to give potentially successful foreign startups more room to grow. Foreign entrepreneurs who have taken advantage of the startup visa will be able to obtain a residence permit for self-employment as soon as they have satisfactorily passed the startup process.

As of this year, thanks to the VVD, foreign startups can already receive a startup visa. This grants them a yearlong opportunity to start their business in the Netherlands. After this year is up, they can apply for the ‘zelfstandigenregeling’. Unfortunately, it often takes longer than a year for starting entrepreneurs to meet the requirements that are involved, because start-ups often take two years to reach the growth phase. Because of this, Dijkhoff will adjust the ‘zelfstandigenregeling’ in order to avoid losing promising startups and their investments to other countries.


Photo: Flickr (David Bertho)


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