VVD addresses shortage of ICT–professionals

VVD MP Anne-Wil Lucas wants government funding for students who pursue a private degree in ICT. Government funding is currently only reserved for ICT training programs that are provided by governmental institutions. This severely limits the choices of ambitious people that already have a job, but want to further school themselves. Since we are really going to need these people in the near future, when vacancies in our ICT sector are going to be even larger than they are now. Right now there are as much as 34,000 vacancies within the ICT sector and without well trained ICT professionals this shortage will likely only increase. Finding good staff is one of the primary reasons for startups to consider leaving the Netherlands.


At this moment the government is planning to fund private degrees in technical, care and welfare studies. Today MP Lucas tabled a motion to expand on this and to also include ICT studies. This means there will be more choices for employees who want to expand their chances on the labor market of the future and (even more importantly) more able skilled ICT workers for startups and fresh new ICT initiatives like the App Academy.

Photo: Bruce Wynn (CC Flickr)

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