Making acquisition fraud history

Acquisition fraud is a big problem for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, which must be vigorously contested. However, the current legislation is inadequate. Acquisition fraud is currently not criminalized and entrepreneurs who are affected by it are poorly protected. The politic parties SP and VVD areĀ  going to change that. For that reason SP MP Sharon Gesthuizen and VVD MP Foort van Oosten are making a law themselves. Entrepreneurs will be able to count on greater protection against unfair commercial practices. Also, acquisition fraud will be punishable by law.

The plenary debate about this new law has taken place in the parliament. It seems that there is a majority. On Tuesday, February 3rd, the parliament will vote on the law. When te law is passed, the Senate will vote on it. The initiators are confident that this will happen soon.

Photo: buxx (CC Flickr)

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